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Equipment: Glove, Bat, Baseball Pants, Belt, Socks - MAYBA will provide shirt, hat, batting helmets and baseballs

Helpful drills for practice:



Expectations: http://www.baseballpositive.com/tee-ball

Tee Ball is generally the first introduction to organized baseball for most players. The primary objective by the end of the season is to ensure that each player has a "positive experience" with baseball, desires to play again the following year, and has successfully demonstrated the skills listed below.

• Warm up techniques

• Names of defensive positions

• How to execute a throw (proper grip)

• Proper fielding position (down and ready)

• How to hold a bat properly

• What to do after the ball is hit (as a batter and a runner)

• Knows how, why and when to run to the next base

• Good sportsmanship