Instructional/Machine Pitch

UpdatedTuesday March 23, 2021 byFrey.

Equipment: Glove, Bat, Baseball Pants, Belt, Socks - MAYBA will provide shirt, hat, batting helmets and baseballs

Helpful drills for practices


This division is primarily for 7 and 8 year olds who have successfully demonstrated all the T-Ball skills. As with T-Ball, the primary objective at this level is to ensure that each player has a "positive experience" with baseball, desires to play again the following year, and has learned the skills listed below.

  • TEAM concept
  • Warm up techniques
  • Number of outs per inning
  • Fielding techniques (proper down and ready position)
  • Uses both hands to catch the ball vs. one handed or trapped catches
  • Understands where to make the defensive play
  • Proper Batting position
  • Proper base running (on the ground vs. in the air) focus on the base not the ball
  • Swing development and translating the swing to hitting a live pitch.
  • Infield movement and base coverage.
  • Pitcher’s fielding and base coverage responsibilities.
  • Making throws to bases (catching ground balls and throws is taught and trained, but the ability to execute remains low). 
  • Good Sportsmanship