Tournament Guidelines

UpdatedTuesday March 10, 2015 byDaryl Breneman.

10U/12U Tournament Team Rules

 Section 1       Selection of Head Coaches

1.      Head Coach for tournament teams should be selected prior to tryouts.

2.      Interested applicants for head coach position will be given opportunity to speak to tournament committee on qualifications before selection. 

3.      After review of applicants tournament committee will recommend 2 or 3 applicants to board for head coach. 

4.      All coaches (head and assistant) will need required clearances.      

 Section 2             Evaluators     

1.      Tournament committee and M.A.Y.B.A. board will approve a minimum of 4 independent evaluators to conduct evaluations.

2.      Board will provide evaluation criteria. 


Section 3      Tryouts


1.      Tryouts for team will take place over an advertised minimum period of 2 days.

2.      Announcement or Advertisement of tryouts will be the responsibility of the V.P. of Midgets and will be posted in locations such as the website.

3.      No charge will be assessed for tryouts.

4.      Players trying out must be on a mite or midget division roster and live within the Governor Mifflin school district. Tryouts are mandatory and should be held over two weekends with player’s participation in at least one of the two try-out periods.

5.      V.P. of Midget or Mite division will oversee tryouts.

6.      At conclusion of tryouts the evaluation sheets will be given to the V.P. of Midgets or Mites.

7.      Evaluation sheets will be reviewed by tournament committee, evaluators, and head coach at which time team will be selected.

8.      A minimum of 12 players will be selected and a maximum of 14 players will be permitted to insure the best opportunity for playing time.

9.      Head coach will be responsible to call each applicant to inform them of decision.

Section 4- Organization Specific Requirements

1.      Registration fee will be approximately $125.00.

2.      M.AY.B.A. shall provide an equipment bag at tryouts for the season.

3.      Committee will set a credit amount for uniform allotment and provide head coach with recommended vendors.  Any amount that exceeds the credit amount given per player will be the responsibility of the “team”.

4.      Fundraising money obtained by team shall be used for “baseball purposes” and all expenses must be approved by committee.

5.      All sponsor checks must be made payable to MAYBA for tax purposes.

6.      All players must have at least 1 at bat and play 2 innings in the field in every game minimum.  The only exception to this rule would be for disciplinary reasons i.e.; missing practice, conduct, or shortened games, etc.

7.      Committee will provide a list of available tournaments and reserve spots in tournaments that head coach would like to participate in.  MAYBA will contribute a maximum of $1250 per toward tournaments.  Any overages will be the responsibility of the team.

8.      MAYBA will provide field availability for practices and hosted tournaments.

9.      MAYBA will provide insurance and certificates needed for tournaments